Black & Decker GC818 18-Volt Cordless Electric Garden Cultivator

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Black & Decker GC818 18-Volt Cordless Electric Garden CultivatorThe Black & Decker 18-volt cordless rechargeable garden cultivator is ideal for cultivating garden beds, landscape beds and weeding. This garden cultivator also preps beds for planting and prepping dry and dead spots for seeding. The 18 volts of power provide an effortless and quick way to weed and aerate soil. The long tines are small enough to maneuver in between plants and counter-oscillating tines prevent weeds from tangling. The telescoping shaft adjusts for the perfect length, allowing the user to operate it standing up without bending over. This upright design offers less fatigue while cultivating. The soft grips and adjustable auxiliary handle provide this power tool with maximum comfort. The garden cultivator comes with Black & Decker's 2-year warranty.

Price: $191.66

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